Career guidance

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Career guidance in partner countries

Kariérne poradenstvo v partnerských krajinách Slovakia

Career guidance is substantiated for all population groups with any level of education. It is an appropriate and effective tool for the reduction of information inequality and to increase the access to further information.

Career guidance has sense for everyone, not just young people

Kariérové poradenstvo má zmysel pre všetkých, nielen pre mladýchThe current statistics on unemployment in Slovakia, but also in other European countries, confirm the importance and significance of guidance in finding a profession or professional orientation, in other words, career guidance. By far, it concerns not only young - it must be for all population groups with different levels of educational attainment.

Non-public working meeting of the partners (23.-24.01.2014)

Najbližšie neverejné pracovné stretnutie partnerov (23. – 24. 01. 2014)The main aim of the working meeting of the partners which took place on 23 - 24 th January 2014 in Budapest was the creation of the questionnaire which would assess the level of career guidance in partner countries.

Start your career now

Naštartujte svoju kariéruAt the outset, let’s look at the acronym ISTP. It stands for Labour Market Integrated System which is a database of all existing jobs in the Slovak labour market, as well as counselling tools that are useful for finding a job corresponding to educational attainment, experience, knowledge and skills of the website user.


tmp-newsIn the course of the project it is planned to exchange information between institutions at the international level on the current situation in the labour market (LM) in the partner regions and compare career guidance systems (CG) in the partner countries.