TREXIMA Bratislava, spol. s r.o.TREXIMA Bratislava, spol. s r.o.

TREXIMA Bratislava is a company specialised in research, statistics, advisory and consulting services. The company employs professionals experienced in the fields of job positions, labour market, labour cost and wage sample statistical surveys, occupational classifications, human resources management, career guidance, analytical job evaluations, description of standard occupational tasks, rationalisation of working processes, detailed retrospective analyses, wage, employment and productivity prognosis.

TREXIMA Bratislava provides modern and effective national labour cost statistical surveys on a sample of more than 15 000 reporting units. Since 1992 TREXIMA Bratislava has been following the verified methods and knowledge concerning wage statistics in different European countries, as well as worldwide. Company systematically implements good practice of national and foreign experts in remuneration, statistics and labour evaluation.

Integrated System of Type Positions (ISTP) developed by TREXIMA Bratislava is a career guidance tool sponsored by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic. It provides over 2000 job descriptions and education requirements of current job positions in Slovakia free-of-charge on an internet portal. This unique national electronic database brings profit to a large scale of target groups – labour offices employees, the unemployed, human resources professionals, employment agencies professionals, career advisors, pupils, students and wide public – with a clear goal to find the most suitable people for open job vacancies and the most suitable jobs for specific people. ISTP provides complex information on vacancies, wages, school networks and further education.

TREXIMA Bratislava created the new National Classification of Occupations SK ISCO-08 that maps all the occupations on the Slovak labour market. It provides a system and unifies the terminology of jobs on the Slovak labour market which are distinct by their job tasks and skills requirements.

Company is also linking the education system to the labour market by National Occupational Framework (NSP) – a tool transferring the labour market needs into education system within an institutionalised structure of Sector Skills Councils and various ICT projects in the field of wages, employment, human resources equality and female remuneration research.

TREXIMA Bratislava holds a Quality Management Systems Certificate approved according to ISO 9001:2008.


Spoluprácou pre lepšiu budúcnosť – Veľký MederTeamwork for a better future – Veľký Meder

The main objective of the Teamwork for a better future – Veľký Meder Civil Association (CA) (Občianske združenie Spoluprácou pre lepšiu budúcnosť - Veľký Meder) is to promote and develop activities and support active participation of citizens at the local, regional, national, and international level in various fields of social life, in particular in the areas of:

  1. education, lifelong learning and extracurricular activities by promoting:
    • education and creating opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginal groups
    • modern communication technologies (Internet, Skype, Facebook)
  2. creating legal awareness by:
    • promoting public awareness of the rights and responsibilities
    • providing administrative and advisory services for the disadvantaged and marginal groups
  3. (re)integration of job seekers into the labour market, focusing on the disadvantaged groups by implementing:
    • information and advisory activities and professional counseling
    • international institutional exchange of information about the labour market and good practices

The primary target group of the CA Teamwork for a better future - Veľký Meder are the disadvantaged, in particular the disabled, young people and long-time unemployed.



Leno was established in 2007 by two managers, Nathalie Redon and Laurent Dedieu, experts in the field of vocational training and ICTs (Information and communication technologies). Located in Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon, our organization offers trainings for companies and jobseekers in France and in Europe.

Our goal is providing quality training that answers the requirements of our clients. To do this, we don't propose a close list of training in our catalogue, but nearly 200 training topics organized around 6 areas of expertise developed by our pedagogical teams. Each training proposal is done by an internal audit in order to offer you a worthy course.

Our methodology is supported by a wide range of pedagogic resources presented by the format of classical classroom teaching or open and distant learning (ODL) in adaptation to your requirements and availabilities, in French and English.


Human Profess Nonprofit Ltd.Human Profess Nonprofit Ltd.

The Human Profess Nonprofit Ltd. works with different disadvantageous groups in the field of the career guidance. The HP is a training institution, organizing and implementing the support and training for disabled people, women, young people, unemployed and elderly people in Vas county.  HP has work connections with many national and international training institutions, labour market services, governmental, non-governmental organisations and experts in the field of the career guidance. HP and their partners support the integration and reintegration of the job-seekers in the labour market with different, innovative and wide variety of methods.  


Morjan – Európske odborné vzdelávanie a školenieMorjan Promoter of European Vocational Education and Training

Morjan EU VET is  a Dutch European network organisation focusing on European Vocational Education and Training and mobility of learners. Due to our participation for the last twenty years, we have developed expertise and know-how on the issues of dual VET systems and the EU development of VET instruments (EQF, ECVET, EQAVET and Europass). The focus is very much on work based learning, quality of work placement and connecting the world of work with VET education. Morjan EU VET is also member of the European Vocational Training Association (EVTA). Through EVTA, influence and information on EU policies are established.

Human capital and VET education are at the centre of a European knowledge economy. In the near future, Europe will become more and more challenged with the match of supply and demand, new skills for new sectors and mobility between regions. Stakeholders in the world of work and in vocational education and training should be more aware and involved of the importance of this on a European, regional and sectoral level. When the world of work and vocational education will be connected it will make Europe stronger in a global economy.


Career guidance in partner countries

Kariérne poradenstvo v partnerských krajinách Slovakia

Career guidance is substantiated for all population groups with any level of education. It is an appropriate and effective tool for the reduction of information inequality and to increase the access to further information.

Career guidance has sense for everyone, not just young people

Kariérové poradenstvo má zmysel pre všetkých, nielen pre mladýchThe current statistics on unemployment in Slovakia, but also in other European countries, confirm the importance and significance of guidance in finding a profession or professional orientation, in other words, career guidance. By far, it concerns not only young - it must be for all population groups with different levels of educational attainment.

Non-public working meeting of the partners (23.-24.01.2014)

Najbližšie neverejné pracovné stretnutie partnerov (23. – 24. 01. 2014)The main aim of the working meeting of the partners which took place on 23 - 24 th January 2014 in Budapest was the creation of the questionnaire which would assess the level of career guidance in partner countries.

Start your career now

Naštartujte svoju kariéruAt the outset, let’s look at the acronym ISTP. It stands for Labour Market Integrated System which is a database of all existing jobs in the Slovak labour market, as well as counselling tools that are useful for finding a job corresponding to educational attainment, experience, knowledge and skills of the website user.


tmp-newsIn the course of the project it is planned to exchange information between institutions at the international level on the current situation in the labour market (LM) in the partner regions and compare career guidance systems (CG) in the partner countries.